College in the High School

Students in their sophomore, junior and senior years have the opportunity to earn college credit while attending high school – and here’s the best part: its FREE! With the increasing cost of college tuition and books, college-bound students are wise to visit the counselor about the various options there are for earning college credit now….and saving money later!

In order to be eligible, a student must take and pass the Accuplacer test (computerized test of English, sentence skills, and math) and meet a certain GPA requirement:

  • Sophomores must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA
  • Juniors must have a 3.2 cumulative GPA
  • Seniors must have a 2.8 cumulative GPA

Sophomores are limited to one college course per semester.

Accuplacer Practice Sites:

There are three ways to earn college credit:

1. College in the High School: There are several college courses offered at the high school that are taught by our own Sebeka staff. Students who enroll in these classes will earn credit through M State – Fergus Falls or Central Lakes College.

  • College English – taught by Ms. Polman – full year = 6 college credits
  • College Biology – taught by Mrs. Salo – full year = 8 college credits
  • College Psychology – taught by Mr. Doyle – semester = 3 college credits
  • College Political Science – taught by Mr. Doyle – semester = 3 college credits
  • College Economics – taught by Mr. Heino – semester = 3 college credits
  • College Algebra – taught by Mr. Geiser – full year = 3 college credits
  • Introduction to College Algebra – taught by Mr. Geiser – semester = 4 college credits
  • College Accounting – taught by Mr. Heino – full year = 3 college credits

If students take advantage of all the college-level courses offered at Sebeka they can graduate with 34 credits…that’s more than a year’s worth of credits at college!

2. Online College in the High School: Interested in something other than what’s offered at the high school? Try out one of the many courses offered online! College credit is earned through two colleges: M State or Central Lakes College. Students taking online courses must be motivated, able to work independently, responsible.



3. PSEO (Post-Secondary Enrollment Options): PSEO allows students to enroll in and attend college while in high school. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from their school of choice and will take classes with college students, taught by college professors. There are options to attend either full-time or part-time. Regardless of which option is chosen, all students are responsible for making sure they complete all courses required for graduation.

Full-time: choose a program of study and have a full class schedule at the college. No courses are taken at the high school.

Part-time: attend high school for partial days and college classes for partial days. Some students choose to take only their required courses at the high school and enroll in other courses at the college for the remainder of the day.

Any students interested in earning college credit should visit with Mrs. Kern.