Financial Aid


The FAFSA (FREE Application for Federal Student Aid) should not be filled out or submitted until after January 1st. However, students and parents can apply for a PIN number at BEWARE OF OF PHONY FAFSA WEBSITES!! FAFSA is requesting that applications be submitted online to quicken the process and reduce paperwork. Paper copies of the application are limited and can be requested, but please be aware that it will delay the processing of your FAFSA substantially.


There really is no deadline to apply for the FAFSA. However, there is a priority date of March 1st. Think of financial aid like a big pot of money – first come, first served and once its gone, its gone. For your best opportunity at getting the most aid possible, it is important to submit your information as early as possible.


All FAFSA applications need to be done online. Paper copies are only allowed by request. Go to to get started. Both parents AND students first need a PIN number, which you can apply for at any time. The FAFSA will require your tax information from the previous year – once you have all of that, you may begin the application. The counselor has “worksheets” available that help you fill out all of the information ahead of time so that you are prepared when you complete the online application. After the application has been submitted, you should receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) within a few weeks.


Applying for financial aid can be confusing and sometimes frustrating. I’m certainly not an expert, but I can help you find the answers to your questions. Feel free to call – 837.5101 ext. 217.