General Syllabus

General Syllabus

License: English/Language Arts grades 7-12 from the state of Minnesota.

Classroom: 301

Course meeting times: Monday – Friday

Office hours: Room #301 11:00 – 12:00 and by appointment before or after school.

Contact information: or (218) 837-5101 ext. 301

Courses Taught 2014-2015:

English 8: 1st & 6th hour

English 7: 2nd and 3rd hour

English 11th: 5th hour

Introduction to Film Studies: 7th hour (First Semester)

Mythology: 7th hour (Second Semester)


Instructional Procedure:

Information and classroom material is presented in a variety of ways. The curriculum can be viewed on the SHS web page. There should be a link to view the maps for each course offered.  Obviously the focus of the courses is Language Arts, which includes, reading, writing, speaking, listening, researching, organizing information, etc.

Students are required to be prepared for reach class session. This means coming to class with the correct materials, i.e.. textbook, notebook, pencil and homework.


All assignments must be turned in the basket with name, class, date and assignment in the upper right hand corner or electronically through Google Classroom. Assignments are due at the beginning of the hour after day assigned, unless otherwise state by teacher. Late assignments will be given 1/2 credit for a day late, after that the score becomes a 0. If you are absent you receive an additional day to do the assignment for each day you were absent. If an assignment is due the day you are absent, it will be due upon your return. All assignments are written on the white board daily, and are always on this page. There is no excuse for “not knowing” what the assignment was.


Grades are determined by percentage of the total points offered. All assignments are weighted the same. Therefore, a 50-point writing assignment or project is worth the same as a 50-point test.

The grading scale is as follows: A:90-100%, B: 80-89%, C=70-79%, D:60-69%,  F: 59% or less. Grades are rounded up. Students’ current grades in class are posted frequently according to a student ID number that is provided at the beginning of the quarter.


If you are absent, you must provide a make-up slip for the day(s) you were gone. I reserve the right to refuse credit on missed assignments if your absence is unexcused. I will inform students in advance if they are in danger of receiving the credit penalty. Students are expected to get the notes and/or assignments they missed. It is the responsibility of the student to remain current in class. A student is considered tardy if they are not in their seat at the bell, or have come to class without their book. Also, if you fail to have a make-up slip for an absence and are sent to the office to get one, you will be considered tardy.

Classroom expectations:

Respect is the main rule of the classroom. Respect the property, the teacher, classmates and yourself. Students should come to class prepared to learn. Student behavior that takes away from another student’s opportunity to learn, or disrupts the class or teaching will not be tolerated and they will be removed from class. This includes sleeping in class, and talking while someone else is talking. Further problems will result in dismissal from class and forfeit of credit.


Students are assigned a textbook, and it is their responsibility to keep it in good condition. Book covers are recommended. Students are responsible financially for damage to books. This includes reading books checked out from the classroom.** New this year students will be using chromebooks in the classroom! They are a laptop that uses web-based programs and applications. We will be using them do assignments, projects, quizzes, etc. Students will be able to access their work from any computer using the internet.



This website is a general guideline for classroom procedures and schedules. It should not substitute for attendance. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the instructor for missed assignments.

Language Arts 2011-2012

Language Arts 2011-2012

Welcome back to another exciting year of Language Arts. I am thrilled to be starting my 12th year of teaching here at SHS. Below is information regarding this year’s schedule and my contact information. Contact information 218-837-5101 ext. 301 email

1st Semester Schedule

1st hour – English 8

2nd hour – Media Studies

3rd hour – English 8

4th hour – Prep

5th hour – English 7

6th hour – English 11

7th hour – Introduction to Film Studies

Lesson plans are available under the pages link to your right. Under posts you will find a general syllabus and information for parents and students alike.