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Nov. 24- 26


  • Short week this week! Thursday and Friday we do not have school!
  • I hope everyone has a safe and joyful Thanksgiving!


  • We will be working with synonyms and antonyms. There will be a few worksheets that will be done in class. If they are not finished it will be homework due on Wednesday! There is a link in the “Reading Tests” that will bring you to a synonym and antonym game for review.
  • We will have new vocabulary words this week. We will start them on Tuesday and they will be due on Wednesday. This way students don’t have to forget or worry about them over the long weekend.
  • Our comprehension strategy this week will be “monitor understanding”. We will work with this Monday- Wednesday. This will be a major concept on the Theme 5 test.
  • We will also be covering biography and timeline by reading the story, James Madison: Father of the Constitution.


  • I will be handing the test back this week. I will give the student an opportunity to fix their mistakes and hand them back in. We will start Chapter 2 next week.
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Nov. 3rd-7th


  • Mary Casanova comes Tuesday!
  • Spelling pre-test Wednesday and test Friday
  • Chapter 1 Social test this week! I will give out study guide before the test


  • We will be working with determining importance this week.
  • We will be working with proper nouns.
  • I will give students time in class to complete homework. If they don’t finish they will need to do it at home.
  • The new vocabulary words for the week are melody, harmony, broadcast, improvise, and experiment. These will be on the test so students should study these before the Theme 4 test.


  • We will finish our presentations this week.
  • We will finish chapter 1 and I will give them the study guide.
  • We will have a test this week.
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