Mr. Meyer

5th Grade

April 27th- May 1st


  • Reading test on Tuesday!
  • We will have music everyday this week starting at 1:20. Program on Friday!
  • Social tests back on Wednesday!


  • Reading test Tuesday!
  • Review and all vocabulary pictures are due on Monday.
  • We will go through the test on Wednesday and introduce the new theme.
  • We will discuss idioms.
  • Vocabulary words!
  • Comprehension strategy for the week: Determine Importance.
  • We will read; America’s Champion Swimmer, Extreme Dogboarding, and Famour First.


  • Papers due this week!
  • We will be working with poetry this week!


  • I will hand back tests. I need them returned by Wednesday.
  • We will introduce chapter 6 this week.
  • We will get through lesson 1 and 2 for both classes.
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