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Spelling Words

All Spelling tests are on Fridays, or the last day of the week.Scroll down to find the current week’s spelling list highlighted.Unit: Proud To Be MeTheme 1, Week 1:

  • Yellow list:  chart, graph, phone, thick, trash, hop, I, checkup, chef, them, he, not

Theme 1, Week 2:

  • Yellow list: cast, quit, rent, stock, trust, crust, stand, this, both, why, body, our
  • Blue list: cast, last, blast, fast, past, rent, dent, sent, bent, went, tent, vent

Theme 2, Week 1:

  • Yellow List: broke, choke, spoke, cute, shake, flake, spine, from, much, fruit, soak, before
  • Blue List: cake, bake, flake, lake, rake, take, wake, shake, fine, line, pine, spine

Theme 2, Week 2:

  • Yellow List: brain, strain, snail, faint, plain, today, tray, spray, run, three, eight, vein
  • Blue List: rail, pail, hail, fail, snail, brain, main, train, strain, rain, plain, run

Unit: Patterns in the SkyTheme 3: The moon in Motion, Week 1

  • Purple (Challenge) List: cheat, wheat, treat, flea, speed, never, bread, people, sphere, daily, fascinate, exploration
  • Yellow List: cheat, heat, wheat, treat, meat, feed, speed, weed, fell, never, bread, people
  • Blue List: eat, heat, cheat, wheat, meat, seat, treat, team, scream, them, tell, fell

Theme 3, Week 2

  • Purple (Challenge) List: boat, throat, float, crow, glow, rowboat, plow, told, shadow, measure, calendar, interval
  • Yellow List: boat, throat, float, coat, blow, glow, throw, crow, told, five, plow, rowboat
  • Blue List: oat, throat, float, coat, boat, soap, oak, old, told, hold, sold, mold

Theme 4: Circling the Sun, Week 1

  • Purple (Challenge) List: clue, cruise, juice, fruit, suit, friend, school, few, position, orbit, important, organize
  • Yellow List: clue, true, blue, cruise, suit, fruit, juice, had, friend, school, few, many
  • Blue List: clue, true, blue, glue, due, has, had, him, his, this, she, many

Theme 4, Week 2

  • Purple (Challenge) List: scorn, thorn, worn, say, worm, heart, they, these, solar, system, rotate, revolve
  • Yellow List: or, for, scorn, torn, thorn, worn, white, say, worm, heart, these, they
  • Blue List: or, for, scorn, torn, thorn, worn, born, say, day, ray, clay, play

Unit: Living in AmericaTheme 5: Where People Live, Week 1

  • Purple (Challenge) List: burn, churn, turn, return, sir, stir, first, search, wire, could, would, many, country, rural, build
  • Yellow List: burn, churn, turn, return, sir, stir, first, not, when, search, wire, could, would, many, most
  • Blue List: burn, churn, turn, return, sir, stir, first, not, hot, lot, hat, that, this, his, not

Theme 5, Week 2

  • Purple (Challenge) List: clear, shear, pair, chair, steer, deer, gave, only, sphere, barrel, purpose, urban, social, city, people
  • Yellow List: ear, shear, clear, air, pair, fair, hair, chair, steer, deer, cheer, gave, only, barrel, sphere
  • Blue List: ear, shear, clear, hear, near, air, fair, pair, hair, chair, find, kind, bind, blind, wind

Theme 6: Many States, One Country, Week 1

  • Purple (Challenge) List: chore, more, dare, square, fire, all, should, board, floor, many, most, reside, route, personal, narrative
  • Yellow List: chore, more, tore, dare, square, fir, tire, wire, all, many, most, should, board, floor, door
  • Blue List: core, chore, tore, store, shore, more, fire, hire, tire, wire, all, ball, call, tall, wall

Theme 6, Week 2

  • Purple (Challenge): bloom, broom, grew, flew, threw, four, river, group, museum, our who, adventure, terrain, boundary, journey
  • Yellow List: bloom, broom, room, flew, threw, grew, blew, four, river, group, museum, our, was, were, who
  • Blue List: bloom, broom, room, fool, tool, cool, drew, threw, grew, blew, flew, river, shiver, sliver, were

Unit: Thinking Like a ScientistTheme 7: How Do Machines Work?, Week 1

  • Purple List (Challenge): draw, haul, launch, lawn, sauce, show, why, brought, caught, lightning, electricity, government, essential, machine, information
  • Yellow List: draw, saw, dawn, lawn, sauce, haul, launch, throw, show, why, fought, bought, brought, caught, taught
  • Blue List: draw, saw, raw, thaw, paw, dawn, lawn, row, crow, throw, show, blow, fought, bought, brought

Theme 7, Week 2

  • Purple (Challenge): chalk, talk, stalk, walk, wall, small, food, laugh, solid, boardwalk, effort, reduce, labor, energy, listen
  • Yellow List: chalk, talk, stalk, walk, wall, small, hall, fall, food, laugh, solid, boardwalk, after, was, your
  • Blue List: chalk, talk, stalk, walk, wall, mall, small, fall, tall, ball, hall, many, all, was, your

Theme 8: What Is a Magnet?, Week 1

  • Purple (Challenge) List:  brook, shook, stood, wood, new, knew, they, are, force, repel, object, attract, magnet, flood, neighborhood
  • Yellow List: book, brook, cook, shook, wood, stood, hood, they, are, we, threw, new, knew, flood, neighborhood
  • Blue List: brook, cook, shook, look, took, book, wood, hood, stood, knew, new, he, she, me, we

Theme 8, Week 2

  • Purple (Challenge) List: blanket, monkey, altogether, stay, more, round, effect, trunk, thank, junk, drink, blink, exciting, operate, amazing
  • Yellow List: blanket, monkey, altogether, stay, more, round, trunk, thank, junk, drink, blink, shrunk, blank, many, how
  • Blue List: blink, drink, sink, shrunk, trunk, junk, sank, blank, thank, round, around, day, stay, more, how

Unit: Making a DifferenceTheme 9: Cast Your Vote, Week 1

  • Purple (Challenge) List: advice, price, twice, slice, pull, police, voice, been, some, decide, vote, voting, president, result, election
  • Yellow List: advice, mice, rice, price, dice, nice, twice, would, could, pull, police, voice, some, other, been
  • Blue List: advice, mice, rice, price, dice, nice, twice, ride, pride, bride, wide, side, slide, other, been

Theme 9, Week 2

  • Purple (Challenge) List: barge, charge, large, stage, than, water, badge, package, then, government, duty, information, candidates, very, every
  • Yellow List: barge, charge, large, page, stage, cage, than, water, badge, package, myself, then, when, very, every
  • Blue List: barge, charge, large, page, stage, cage, fight, light, right, sight, tight, bright, flight, then, when

Theme 10: Work That Matters, Week 1

  • Purple (Challenge) List: boil, spoil, toil, turmoil, enjoy, annoy, ploy, money, these, those, contribute, police, officer, volunteer, neighborhood
  • Yellow List: boil, soil, spoil, toil, foil, toy, ploy, joy, enjoy, annoy, turmoil, money, theme, these, those

Theme 10, Week 2

  • Purple (Challenge) List: crowd, trowel, snowplow, around, ground, soundproof, southeast, southwest, pouch, stout, ready, boundary, emergency, influence, participate
  • Yellow List: found, round, ground, around, crowd, trout, stout, shout, about, boundary, snowplow, ready, ride, our, your
  • Blue List: found, round, ground, around, sound, mound, pound, out, pout, shout, stout, trout, about, our, your

Unit: From Farm to YouTheme 11: On the Farm, Week 1

  • Purple (Challenge) List: don’t, I’ll, we’ve, you’re, early, won’t, we’ll, wouldn’t, doesn’t, they’ve, can’t, animals, maintain, farming, nourished
  • Yellow List: don’t, I’ll, wasn’t, we’ve, you’re, early, without, wouldn’t, couldn’t, we’ll, doesn’t, they’ve, won’t, can’t, isn’t
  • Blue List: went, sent, tent, bent, rent, dent, fly, shy, why, try, cry, dry, fry, those, these

Theme 11, Week 2

  • Purple (Challenge) List: wrestler, wreath, written, write, wrap, knight, knee, gnarled, gnaw, once, humorous, watermelon, produce, various, bounty
  • Yellow List: knee, knight, knot, know, knew, gnaw, wreath, wrap, wrestler, wren, write, written, wrong, once, week
  • Blue List: knee, tree, knot, knew, blew, know, show, wren, wrap, trap, strap, flap, wrong, song, write

Theme 12: To Market, To Market, Week 1

  • Purple (Challenge) List: batch, scratch, hitch, stitch, judge, ledge, bridge, fudge, badger, none, happy, freight, consume, distribute, breakfast
  • Yellow List: batch, catch, hatch, latch, hitch, stitch, ledge, judge, bridge, open, happy, badger, punch, close, none
  • Blue List: batch, catch, hatch, latch, match, patch, itch, hitch, stitch, pitch, witch, hutch, etch, fetch, sketch

Theme 12, Week 2:

  • Purple (Challenge) List: closest, softest, nearer, strongest, younger, tougher, hottest, colder, oldest, hard, grocery, fruits, vegetables, range, available
  • Yellow List: closer, closest, nearer, softer, softest, stronger, strongest, younger, hottest, tougher, older, oldest, colder, hard, last
  • Blue List: soft, softer, softest, long, longer, longest, strong, stronger, strongest, old, older, oldest, cold, colder, coldest

Unit: Earning and Saving

Theme 13: Earning and Saving, Week 1

  • Purple (Challenge) List: unload, unfair, uneven, unjust, unfamiliar, unfavorable, unexpected, unhappy, understanding, understood, unicorn, fortune, increase, earn, interest
  • Yellow List: undo, unjust, unload, unpack, unsafe, unzip, unfair, uneven, unhappy, understand, understanding, understood, unicorn, maybe, start
  • Blue List: undo, unpack, unmade, unzip, unsafe, unjust, sigh, unhappy, understanding, unicorn, fortune, increase, earn, interest

Theme 13, Week 2

  • Purple (Challenge) List: careful, wonderful, beautiful, fearless, careless, teacher, slowly, easily, carefully, quietly, quickly, ruffle, heard, browse, value
  • Yellow List: careful, handful, hopeful, helpful, careless, fearless, farmer, helper, carefully, slowly, quickly, ruffle, heard, sometimes, set
  • Blue List: careless, careful, helpless, helpful, helper, joyful, rancher, farmer, sadly, wishful, here, where, there, them, set

Theme 14: Going To Work, Week 1

  • Purple (Challenge) List: weaves, dollars, sandwiches, officers, cakes, buses, passes, catches, churches,peaches, year, use, business, prepare, market
  • Yellow List: blocks, rocks, cakes, buses, passes, dishes, wishes, officers, catches, churches, peaches, foxes, boxes, use, year
  • Blue List: blocks, rocks, socks, desks, cakes, bakes, makes, takes, passes, dishes, wishes, crashes, churches, foxes, boxes

Theme 14, Week 2

  • Purple (Challenge) List:  babies, candies, cherries, flies, memories, trophies, supplies, puppies, pennies, bunnies, what, have, provide, obtain, wages

  • Yellow List: babies, candies, cherries, flies, cries, tries, supplies, memories, trophies, puppies, bunnies, pennies, what, hold, have

  • Blue List: baby, babies, candy, candies, puppy, puppies, bunny, bunnies, hold, fly, flies, try, tries, cry, cries

Unit: Water Works

Theme 15: The Wonderful Changes of Water, Week 1

  • Purple (Challenge) List: drier, funniest, happier, sunniest, dirtiest, bluest, healthier, own, call, precipitation, evaporation, condensation, cause, water, cycle

  • Yellow List: drier funniest, happier, sunniest, windier, dirtiest, dustier, stickiest, healthier, bluest, should, would, could, call, own

  • Blue List: funny, funnier, happy, happier, sunny, sunnier, dusty, dustier, windy, windier, sticky, stickier, all, call, tall

Theme 15, Week 2

  • Purple (Challenge) list: hurried, carried, dried, parked, talked, walked, rained, poured, dreamed, listened, accepted, appreciated, transformed, hundred, thousand

  • Yellow list: melted, dreamed, helped, walked, talked, rained, carried, parked, bumped, listened, cried, dried, hundred, car, six

  • Blue list: melted, rained, helped, walked, talked, pumped, dumped, jumped, bumped, tried, cried, dried, fried, car, six

Theme 16: Every Drop Counts, Week 1

  • Purple (Challenge) List: driving, shining, waiting, reading, trying, running, walking, studying, delaying, grazing, collecting, listening, laughing, carrying, environment

  • Yellow List: driving, shining, baking, trying, studying, delaying, waiting, reading, walking, jumping, hopping, running, shopping, next, ask

  • Blue List: drive, driving, bake, baking, read, reading, wait, waiting, jump, jumping, running, hop, hopping, shop, shopping

Theme 16, Week 2

  • Purple (Challenge) List: weekend, flashlight, downstairs, landscape, outside, backyard, softball, football, basketball, watermelon, flowerpots, yellow, drought, parched, critical

  • Yellow List: backyard, flashlight, landscape, upstairs, downstairs, weekend, outside, baseball, basketball, softball, bedroom, lost, isn’t, yellow, watermelon

  • Blue List: stairs, upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside, ball, basketball, softball, kickball, baseball, football, bedroom, bathroom, lost, cost

End of the Year Lists:

  • Days of the Week (Know and write in order and spell correctly): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday; Also on this list: Sebeka, Minnesota, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth

  • Months of the Year (Know and write in order and spell correctly, by memory): January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December; Also on this list: month, year, day