Expectations / Grading

Mrs. Thorson’s Science Classes

1.  Materials

1.  Paper and Pencil.

2.  Textbook everyday.

3.  Notes in a notebook.

4.  Calculator (9th grade)

Class Room Rules/ Consequencs

Class Room Rules Consequences
1.Follow ALL school rules, as stated in the “Student Handbook”. 1. Warning
2. Detention or Penalty (examples: Remain after class 5 min or do push-ups or equivalent)
3. Detention or Penalty.  Submit “Action Plan” (Plan will require guardian signature).
4. Detention or Penalty.  Submit “Action Plan”. Behavior Referral
2.Respect the property, personal space, and the right to learn of your fellow students, the school, and Mrs. Thorson. (Meaning : NO DISRUPTIONS)
3.Come to class prepared! TARDY
Items will be confiscated and NOT returned.
4. No cell phone use or working on other classwork during Science class.
5.You are responsible for getting your assignments in on time, making up missed assignments, and making up tests! Missing work, including tests will be given zero credit.  Develop Action Plan

4. Passes

Passes are limited and up to Mrs. Thorson’s discretion.         You will be given 4 passes to use for the semester.  At the end of the semester unused passes maybe turned in for extra credit.

5.  Homework and Tests

1.  Homework not handed in at the appropriate time will still be accepted the                           next day.  You will lose 10% of points every day the assignment is late.

2.  After 1 week, any earned points will be at the discretion of Mrs. Thorson.

3.  Any test that is missed is to be made up before or after school, or during your study hall. If you just missed the test day you will be expected to take the test on the day you return.

6. Grades:

Quarter Grades:

Tests & Quizzes

Labs & Projects


Class Participation

(participation will take into account class behavior, absences, tardies, & use of passes)

Semester Grade:

Each Quarter Grade                 44%

Semester Final                         12%


Grades are earned on the following point system:


A                          93%

A-                         90%

B+                         87%

B                           83%

B-                         80%

C+                         77%

C                           73%

C-                         70%

D+                         67%

D                          63%

D-                         60%

FAILURE              59% or below